Kimbo lost a lot with this win tongiht.

even though Kimbo got the win tonight I think he lost in the long run. After this win he did not deserve a lot of people are going to want to see him loose now.

I think he is going to get a lot of haters now and now everyone see's he is not the next big thing.

I know I don't wanna see him loose!

Funny thing is when he went to for cheap pop by saying Neward New Jersey...

Not even half of the crowd cheer....

Its not Kimbo's fault that idiots put too high of expectations into him. He will tell you himself that he is a baby to the sport. I thought he was the shit tonight. I dont mind that he isn't the best in the world. I already knew that.

Lawler/Smith better be the headliner of next CBS Show. If Kimbo headlines again versus another can i think people will be furious.

How did Kimbo lose again? He's up and coming, not He-man, for fucks sake the retard concepts of you supposedly "In the Know" MMA experts is sickening. Kimbo won, which means good for Kimbo, he keeps climbing the MMA ranks while you armchair warriors keep climbing into mom's minivan.
Good job Kimbo!

His ground game was not that good at all. I think I had a good chance of passing his guard.

Granted, he did have a few good sweeps. I credit that to Thompson being sloppy on top.