Kimbo NOT fighting Dada 5000

 Charles McCarthy broke the news on Cage Junkies Radio with Heath Herring and I tonight. Dada claiming this is nothing more than him trying to jockey and sell himself up for the possibility.

Slice has boxing matches set up for October 15, December and the end of January. This word comes directly to Charles from Icey Mike.

Here's an official article written by my good friend J. Yayo Hernandez of Cage about the false rumor.

ttt I hope MMA.TV Staff choose to make this a news story and link back to us- we love it when they do :).


What the fuck is a Dada 5000?

Charles McCarthy!...
It is not you.

Altofsky: "What the fuck is a Dada 5000?"

I was about to post the same shit. Hahaha! Phone Post

nkorect - What a shame. You saw how much buzz this fight generated right off the bat.

This would've been MMA's, outside the UFC; Lesnar vs. Overeem. Fights would've happened only 2 short weeks apart as well. So you can see how it's a legitimate comparison. Obviously nothing MMA is on the scale of what the UFC is doing, but this is one of those match ups that would've pushed into those boundaries.

This fight could've been huge. Oh well, it still has time to come to fruition.

I'm trying to figure out the difference between you and "pervert". It seems like the exact same troll.

Because of the beef between them this makes for an interesting matchup but I think Kimbo would walk through him.

Aleck911 - Charles McCarthy!...

It is not you.


Everyone please stop referencing this Dada character and somehow legitimizing him as a fighter. It is a slap in the face to actual fighters that have spent years training in their respective arts.


When i seen this on Middle Easy i shoulda known it wouldn't happen. Just like the chest hair contest that i shaved for.


People would've actually watched this shit?

Kimbo via KO RD.1