*** Kimbo Slice might be at WEC***

Attempts to bring the real "Kimbo Slice" are going on right now.Scott Adam`s is making attempts to bring him in to fight Rafeal Del Real.

He is talking with Kimbo`s manager and wants to bring in Kimbo as a guest if nothing else.

Mike Serr the current Super Heavyweight Champon in the WEC has expressed interest in fighting him.

I`m not known to talk shit on this Forum & I assure you that this is TRUE.


Taken from the WEC Forum....

Scott is working on solidifying an opponent for Rafael as we speak. It looks as though he will fight a stand-up guy from Fresno. A boxer.

I don't think Fred Diaz's name ever came up as an opponent for Rafael, but if he's interested in the fight--he or his rep should contact Scott Adams. I met Fred only briefly, but he was a solid guy--and he proved he's not afraid to mix it up.

I will let you guys know this..we have made contact with the guy nobody thought we'd be able to track down..Kimbo Slice!

I got a hold of his manager in Miami, and he and Scott are talking about bringin Kimbo to WEC!!

The WEC continues to stay on the cutting edge and raise the bar for all US based promotions.


lets run this!

From Christian,

 Event Coordinator at The Palace in Lemoore Ca.


yes, it was. He's the cousin of Emmanuel Agustus a pro boxer from Florida. Agustus has been around--he was recently the subject of a horrrendous gift decision in Michigan on ESPN2 this past summer--where Teddy Atlas went off on the Michigan Commission--in any evnt--Kimbo is real..He's Agustus' cousin..Kimbo apparently spent some time in jail--he'se basically a miami area bodyguard/cooler/enforcer and is active in the night club scene down there..I know he's been talking of making the move to pro boxing--but we'll see--only time will tell.


I ain't never gonna question you partner

Also from Christian,

it will be up he and his manager--but rest assured that if he doesn't fight in WEC--it will not be for a lack of effort on the WEC's part.

We'd like for him to come to next months show as a guest in advance of January's show--wher he'd make his debut--only time will tell--but know that the WEC is always working to bring you the best--or at least scariest!


Kimbo is like Samson - chop off his beard and he's a tomato can...

So his name IS Kimbo Slice? Some guys on here said that was a troll job.




Man, Kimbo can take a mean punch and has some serious knuckles to boot.

and he knock niggas eyes out


TTT for Kimbo and the WEC


Kimbo loses by two fisted beard pull

lol..Kimbo is back

yes most definately so