Kimbo Slice on The Lavar Arrington Show (link)

 Right now...

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 Wow Kimbo is all over the place

They had to cut the interview short. Kimbo dropped too many n*gga and sh*t bombs. He might be back on in a few.

 Kimbo is calling out Rampage.

 Kimbo should play BA Baracus instead of Rampage.....

Mr. T, and Kimbo are the same character

Card -  Kimbo is calling out Rampage.

Can you elaborate?


Of anyone in the UFC, Kimbo says he’d like to fight Rampage, though he says he learned a lot from him during this season of TUF.

BeefSupreme - On the interview Kimbo was asked who he most wanted to fight in the UFC and he said "my boy Rampage"


 Part 1 and then part 2 of Kimbo's interview on the show today.