Kimbo v Bob Sapp-who would win?

who takes this freak show fight

Steven Seagal

no but seriously Kimbo by not throwing the fight.

Want me to make it a poll?

crazydave - Want me to make it a poll?

Do it

Done son.

Kimbo by being better all around

...not a sentence I ever thought I'd say Phone Post


My prediction - both of them will gas in rd 1, Bob will take it to the ground by accidentally falling on Kimbo. Slice wont be able to get up...bBob will try to change positions but will only manage to barely roll on top of kimbos head before he has to stop to catch his breath for a full minute......kimbo will eventually pass out from lack of oxygen.

Kimbo would win a suspicious looking fight


 Kimbo, Sapp quits the first time he gets hit now.

Kimbo takes this for sure, Sapp would either gas early or fall to the floor as soon a he's touched. Phone Post

this is a no brainer.. kimbo all day

Kimbo All day.....All Day