Kimbo vs Brett Rogers

After Rogers called out Kimbo at the press conference and getting under Kimbo's skin, would Shaw let his boy throw it down with Brett Rogers in Kimbo's next fight. I couldnt help noticing how much bigger Rogers is compare to Kimbo. I think Kimbo would get KOd by Rogers.

I would rather see Kimbo fight a good new comer rather than someone who is either washed up or a top heavyweight. Kimbo does not deserve a shot against someone who worked so hard climbing the ranking. I think Brett Rogers is the perfect next fight for him.

How is Rogers ground game? Anyone know?

Not sure but I would assume that it's not much. This fight would easily be slugfest and would be entertaining as hell.
Putting Kimbo against a wrestling monster or a good submission heavyweight is almost a sure bet aganst Kimbo. I would not count out a punchers chance in any Kimbo's fight but we know that Gary Shaw would not let him fight against someone that would most likely beat him.