Kimbo vs Buentello

This fight needs to happen. It will show if Kimbo is for real

2 much 2 soon for the Slicester IMO

Or Kimbo vs Butter Bean

Paul joked about requesting a fight with Kimbo, he'd definitely earn some fan appeal with it.....however, I think Paul wants more of a challenge maybe, and Elite XC aren't taking a chance on that fight, cause Kimbo would be the underdog.

definately needs to happen but then their boy will get exposed.they need to make more money with him first!

that would be great

Paul said Kimbo turned him down.

Kimbo needs two or three more fights with lower tier guys before stepping up to Buentello's level.  Let the guy develop; he's got 3 fights fer chrissake.



Paul would have to take the fight to the ground in order to win. If he stood with Kimbo i think he would lose.

i'd bet on paul standing

Buentello punches great and is a better fighter than Kimbo right now. Kimbo needs more experience before he takes him on but if Kimbo wins a few more fights that would be a great match up.

Kimbo/A. Emelianenko would be nice.

I would like to see that down the road. Right now, Buentello all day.

If that fight ever happened, I'b be rooting for Buentello just for the record.

I would put money on Buentello.

Kimbo vs. Bret Rogers should be bext.

Buentello all day every day. Not even close.

I would love to see this!

is that seirous?

Kimbo either fight Warpath of old Ken next, Buentello would need to lose like 3 or 4 fights in a row in order to fight Kimbo.

Paul KO's Kimbo easliy, thats why they turned down his offer to fight Kimbo, his managers know