Kimbo vs. H. Alexander, who you got?

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Houston by decapitation

The Mammoth -  People like this match up due to two exciting brawlers being put up against each other.

but at the expense of their UFC career?

A loss for either one could see them out of the UFC, especially Houston. I'd like to see this match further down the line after both have gained a couple of wins. Im a fan of both and would rather see this later than be selfish and see it now at the cost of one of them being cut.

I, for one, would be happy to see both of these guys get cut. For that matter, I'd also like to see Guillard, Lytle, McFedries, and Credeur (with his new stand and wang mentality) get the boot. Its pretty clear that none of these guys are anywhere near the top of their division, and all have racked up enough losses to justify them leaving. Somehow, though, 3 rounds of sloppy barroom-worthy haymakers are still seen as exciting to some, so Alexander FTW easily


Houston would win this fight easily.

He is basically a meaner, faster, harder hitting version of Kimbo...with knees.

double KO?

 Kimbo by eyesplosion.