Kimbo VS Royce

Who do you think would win if Kimbo had been in the original UFC tournoments?

Royce or kimbo?

i pick Royce

kimbo wouldnt have known anything about grappling or groundwork if he was fighting in the original tourneys so i would pick royce


he doesnt know shit know, hes got like 3-4 months of BJJ work with Bas

im wondering do you think Royce could deal with the size and strength. no one in the old UFC's was like Kimbo I really want someone to kill kimbo, skip the cans. Give him someone real so we can stop these undeserved threads. Kimbo doesn't belong in the same sentence as Royce.

Royce might have beat him but it would have been a war...i also have to say that kimbo would have destroyed alot of those karate/judo/kickboxing champions...guys like Pardoel, weit, jimmerson, leninger, hackney would have had their beat by kimbo....

i would have loved to have seen kimbo vs Bowen or against Patrick Smith..

Back then it would have been just like Kimo vs Royce, but better

no Shamrock even when he was roided out and weighing 240 was NOT stronger than kimbo...Kimbo is a better athlete than ken ever was, is or was now...

Kimbo would have destroyed him.

Kimo is nothing but a mirror fighter, he thinks by looking big and having tattoos hes gonna win.

Kimbo is big, tough and eats punches to the face like its nothing.

"no Shamrock even when he was roided out and weighing 240 was NOT stronger than kimbo...Kimbo is a better athlete than ken ever was, is or was now... "

Is Kimbo an athlete in any way? For all we know, those are just gym muscles.

obviously you didnt see the part where i said i would pick Royce in this fight. so we now know you cant read.


you say: just for asking the question u get a gold star, cause obviously your special

and then you say the only reason Royce won against Kimo was because he pulled out some hair.

your not making any sense, your contradicting yourself.

Threads like this are the reason I stay away from the UG.

"threads like this are the reason i stay away from the UG"

yeah, as evidenced by your post count....?????

Kimbo is a great athlete, just watch his fights, he moves very well for a 230 pder..look at the football hit he delivered to that poor kid...thats about as explosive as you can, he muscled gannon around in their fight and gannon weighed 280 i believe....

Kimbo has no Ground game, Royce would win by any way he wants on the ground. kimbo wouldnt be able to stop the takedown.

and i dont care what his background was. what does that have to do with this

id like to see kimbo vs kimo right now

cant be that stupid of a question, bc people putting all type of answers in to the thread.

"yeah, as evidenced by your post count....?????"

Brilliant you are not...

Pardoel was a big judo black belt. He was kind of a pussy if I recall, but he has the size and the art to win. I'd say Pardeol.

Weit was one hell of a MT kickboxer who was in great shape for a WW. He was a much better MT guy then Kimbo is a boxer, but Kimbo is a lot bigger. Tough call but I go with Kimbo.

Jimmerson would lose to Kimbo.

Hackney would be a good fight, but I'd go with Kimbo.

Shamrock would throw Kimbo around and sub him quick.

Pat Smith would have been a hell of a fight. It's a toss up.

Kimo was a beast, but not much of a fighter. In a war I pick Kimbo.

Leninger took Shamrock a long time to beat. He didn't mount much of an offence, but I think his Judo and jj would take care of Kimbo. Leninger by sub.

Severn would ground and pound till Kimbo gave up or just got beat up till the time limit.