Kimbo's power ???

How do you guys feel about Kimbo's power these days ? I have to admit that he has more than I originally gave him credit for. After not KOing those guys in his taped street fights I figured he didn't have much compared to pro fighters.

However after trainig a year w/ Bas/ FFA, etc he seems to have ALOT more power, speed, and accuracy. It's like they taught him to channel his power, something any good striking caoch can do if his fighter has potential. His punches to Tank Abbott looked pretty fast, extremely accurate, and powerful. He mixes it up good too w/ combos. Even the grazing shots Bo Cantrall recieved looked like they might kill someone.

In another thread people are talking about the ridiculous Chuck Liddell vs Kimbo match. Kimbo has only been fighting a year so it's not exactly fair, but as far as power I'm not convinced Chuck has more. Kimbo is a powerful ex-NFL athlete and I could see him hurting Chuck w/ power shots (and vice versa) if they just stood toe to toe (not an actual MMA fight). He's certainly ALOT faster and more athletic. The guy has potential for sure.


LOL @ Chack. He has nowhere near the power of Kimbo.

He wants NO PART of Kimbo.