Kimo beaten up bad at Cage Rage

Dave "Death Wish" Legeno chokes him out towards the end of round 1.

Kimo fought pretty well at the start, however, he gassed badly, took alot of shots, and finally guillotined.

gotta see this

To bad.

allways and old skool Kimo fan but perhaps loading UPS trucks or

teaching students may be in order.

LMAO @ losing to Legcano!!!!

Maybe Kimo was happy to take a payday to give a local boy a win.

Kimo's getting old. His face tells the story after every loss. He gasses out and is susceptible to tons of punishment.

Are you suggesting a work Kane?

Anybody who's seen the fight notice anything fishy?

Will Kimo still be able to fight Sims on Oct 6th?



"Getting reports through from the event that the kimo fight was a blatent work.

Apparantly kimo never threw 1 punch and just sat there letting Legoman tee off on him.
The person that phoned me insisted i get straight online and report this it was that obvious.

Scandalous apparantly."

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Not a work by any stretch. I watched the fight live.

Kimo actually showed some decent BJJ at one stage, and was working for the mount. He gassed out and got pummelled.

lol@ gassed badly in ROUND ONE.


I watched the fight. It wasnt a work.

Kimo was working for the TD like crazy (naturally), but Brit Can defended well and freakin' tagged Kimo. Kimo gassed and tapped after a few good punches and getting stuck in a (looked to be poor) guillotine after another failed TD.

Did Kimo get in a punch? No. But he didnt want to stand and trade, he wanted TD's and when they didnt come easy, he was spent. He didnt sit there and get punched- he missed a TD and as he was slow to get up, with no ref break between them, he got punched in the face.

I've just got back from Wembley, had pretty great seats and i seriously doubt Kimo threw the fight. Legeno was stuffing every takedown and had Kimo in a front headlock/choke for ages, he had plenty of opportunity to tap out but didn't.
He was taking a lot of punishment unnecessarily if it was a work.

when Kimo fought in ROTR there were moments were i thought "this is where Kimo gasses and taps".

but he stayed in there and tapped the dude.

i guess fighting in Hawaii gave him a little extra motivation. i hope its enough for the Sims fight.