KIMO LEOPOLDO R.I.P.'s been a tough month for me. It's with a heavy heart that I found out this morning that my cousin Kimo Leopoldo, died of heart complications last night.

Prayers and thoughts are with Dennis and family...

I know you had struggles, ups and downs....but the world took notice when you came on the mma scene against Royce Gracie.

RIP bro....

 RIP. My thoughts and prayers are with you bro.

sorry for your loss


 RIP, sorry for your loss. 


That's terrible. RIP to an exciting fighter.

he's not dead you idiots

This shit is ridiculous! Has this or has this NOT been confirmed. There are as many people saying this is a troll as there are saying it is a fact.

From another thread:

Rumours of the death of early UFC star Kimo Leopoldo are completely unfounded, Fighters Only has been told.

A notorious troll posting on The Underground forum at earlier today managed to fool many MMA media outlets and even roped in mainstream sites such as TMZ with a post about Kimo having died of a heart attack in Costa Rica last night.

Despite a simple Google check revealing that the BJJ instructor source cited in the post does not exist, multiple sites were happy to run with it and found themselves citing each other as the rumour became self-perpetuating.

Yahoo! Sports writer Kevin Iole has posted a Twitter item stating that he had "just spoke to Kimo's publicist. He was NOT in Costa Rica last night. Was in Orange County and alive at 11. No one has heard from him today."  

- Fighter's Only Magazine

 Here is something i read recently

At least Sean Quinn is still alive. Thank god.

Robin Black - At least Sean Quinn is still alive. Thank god.
Dont get too excited. I dont know how long i will be here. Im thinking about quitting fighting and just focusing on my artwork.

WHy the fuck do people feel the need to lie about something like this.  Pathetic

Yeah Quinn. Why do you lie about your artwork?

Robin, check your Xtreme Couture email, i sent you a sample. I was wondering if you would maybe make a shirt of it or at least post it here for me since i cant figure out how to do it.


Fredrico - I guess this cousin isn't really close to Kimo otherwise he would have confirmed with the family first rather than post this lie on the board.

Before you start handing out the smart ass comments...know that I was informed of this via a friend early this morning. I then made numerous phone calls to family that also didn't know his whereabouts at the time to confirm. I then looked online and saw (to what I thought were credible news sources) the New York Daily News and CNN reporting his death. I went with that.

So "lying" was not what I intended to do. A lot of people know me on here and know that I'm not one to spread bullshit so you can go fuck yourself. It was a tough morning for me not knowing the truth behind this.

My apologies for posting this without "confirming" it with a picture for Christ's sake. I "assumed" that news sites wouldn't print the stories unless otherwise having credible sources.

 CNN was reporting it too???  OMA owns the media!

Fredrico - It originated from the UG and there was a lot of speculation from the get go. Verify your sources before posting. You can tell me to go fuck myself but you are the one that looked like an ass. Sorry if it pissed you off but there is a lot of false news being posted nowadays. Anyway I am happy he is okay. You didn't even acknowledge that in your last post

My apologies for snappin at ya Fredrico. Again, I should of confirmed it before posting. It was a tough morning for a lot of my family...myself included. It won't happen again.