Kimo looks intense

and round

"Kimo looks gassed already."



Ghost is correct

Two words:



Actually..........Kimo's Jaw itself is not huge. It's the muscles around it.

I fully believe Kimo has the ability to grow the highest density muscles a bit more than most people. The highest density of them being the calves and jaw muscles.

That kind of development is tough to do with juice. It usually comes naturally.

I don't think it's just looks,the guy IS intense. I've always wondered about the steroid thing. Kimo seems to have the intensity and drive to develop that physique without steriods IMO. He's just one seriously intense guy. Even after he took out Tank quickly his face was red as a beet. He gets himself so friggin' pumped up, needs to learn to relax, but in the Tank fight he was actually patient, got the choke and slowly sunk it in until it was tight. I thought that was a very nice showing for him. I like this fight.

How does one grow muscles in the jaw like that?
chewing mass amounts of gum? or eating untendorized
steaks of mammouth proportions

Looks like MightyMouse on test and dbol.

I think he had grapefruits implanted into his calves.

He's been eating a lot of Grape Nuts

That's a D-bol bloat if I've ever seen it!!!

I like kimo but he always looks like a chipmunk with a mouth full of food.

Good fight this weekend though.

The Waianae Hawaiian will kick AZZ!!

I was impressed in that early UFC preview when he held his leg straight up and left it there for a few seconds. I never thought he could do that from the way he looks. He must be limber as hell to go along with those big muscles.

LOL @ PonyBoy...