Kimo's Opponent - WFA

is it "out" yet on who he is fighting?

LMFAO @ BMT'S EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!! Kimo, lol

I heard interesting rumours a couple of days ago. Is that what this is referring to?

I know I seen Bas Rutten vs. Kimo rumored somewhere, I really hope that happens.

Oh yeah, forgot about that. That'd be fun to watch, nighty night Kimo after the inevitable gassing.

Well, since its "out". is.

I don't need to give "sources". For those that feel they NEED proof. Just give it a few days.

dan severn. just kiddin

TTT for Kimo.

TTT for lookn' like I'm in the know.

his opponent is the always dangerous T.B.A....


His blood pressure?

Kimo/Bas is weird. But really seems likely.

Bas vs. AnyOne Else Of Note would be a better choice.

Come on, Bas has been out of the game (at least in terms of competition) for a while now.

He needs a tune up fight and this would be good for him.

Bas by liver kick or heel hook. (if it happens)


Did he? I didn't hear about that. TTT for details.

Paul B. isn't signed yet. If the UFC doesn't offer him a good deal the WFA should and sign him up for this fight.