Kimura documentary...

Budovideos is selling a very interesting judo documentary that features Kimura. It shows Kimura teaching class and doing uchikomis for osoto-gari. I have seen parts of this documentary before on the internet (I think only a portion is available), but the training footage of the Canadian, Doug Rogers is very cool. His randori practice is awesome too.

On the collector side its cool to have some footage of Kimura at his school.

Does anyone have that Doug Rogers footage? That was very well done. Black and white film, laconic commentary.........two words;!

Who am I kidding! Chiave......could you post it please?

leans toward screen, wide-eyed, mouth agape, waiting for imminent post

"Imminent post," incidently, was a straight-to-video release starring; Mickey Rourke as a coked-up, disgruntled postal worker (what else?), and Pia Zadora, as the women (sort of) who loved him. Great view if you are schizophrenic, an insomniac, or unemployable.

My rating: 3 thumbs up!

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woah. $35 for 19mins.

This 1965 documentary is called Judoka and show Canadian Olympic siler medalist Doug Rogers training in Japan under Kimura.

The DVD is available for Canadian $20 from the National Film Board of Canada that produced it:

Budo videos is a rip off at US$34 "on sale".

Most of the parts which show Kimura are available as clips for free on the NFB website or at - Koga!

i would buy it right this second but i lost my damn debit card today.

threw a wrench in my whole week.

Thanks guys. I did not know that is was a CBC film. And only 19 minutes!

I am going down to the CBCs Toronto building and flying triangle the first exec that walks out. They have done some decent documentary stuff over the years, but usually with a total liberal slant.

Junon, sorry about your loss.

ashy, I think you can just go into the NFB office downtown and watch it.


What? and no flying triangle? Nope! My way is better.
Much better.