Kimura from Bottom

When I have the kimura locked in from the bottom of half guard, sometimes my opponent will grab the arm that's being attacked with his other arm and shoot both arms down between his legs, essentially straightening his attacked arm.
After thinking about it for a while, I figured if I would keep his arm close to my body, I could prevent him from doing this. Then I thought about ways to keep his arms pinned to my chest from underneath and still bent. I thought of these two;

  1. keep my chin on top/over his elbow or

  2. actually use my thumb to grip his wrist instead of the way i'm doing it now (no thumb on his wrist)

I haven't actually tried these two techs yet, as I was just thinking about it after practice. What do you think of these two solutions and is there any other ways to keep his arm bent from the bottom and finishing that kimura? Thanks


When I grapple with people and become more serious about finishing
the kimura, I will ALWAYS place their wrist behind their back the
millisecond after I secure the figure four. Once I have their wrist behind
their back, there's very little a person can do from this position except
to try and roll out of it.

When I first began playing with this idea back in 1995, it had a few
rough edges on it. So, I worked on it until I had the precise positioning
required to maintain control. Then, I discovered this position worked
like a charm (as long as I kept the strict relationship between my upper
torso and my opponent's upper torso). I also discovered that most
people's arms are not strong when their wrist is behind their back.
And, in addition to training this position, I also began weight lifting
with my hands behind my back (when one of my students would
eventually put me in this position).

Give this position a try and let me know how it works.

Roy Harris

wow, thanks for the details. I will work on this very hard.