kimura questions

My question is, I get in a good kimura position, with my leg over the back, hips to the side etc. However, I can't break my opponent's grip to torque the arm (he is strong, grabs the belt or his other hand).

Can you tell me how to break this.

Also, how can you get the kimura from the hooks/butterfly guard? Does a foot in the hip help to start it off?



First place to start if you don't already do so, is to use the leg that's over his back to push his body away while you pull his arm towards you to break his grip. Only after the grip is broken do you then torque his arm up for the submission.

If it's not there why fight it?

use the hip bump sweep, guillotine, neck crank sweep, (if he lets go of the grip during these, maybe revert back to the kimura!)

Then you'll see him move!

I'd much rather sweep a guy over THEN apply the kimura vs. struggle while in the guard and allow him even a higher % chance of passing..

position then submission..

If the guy has too strong of a grip to break with your foot under there arm, then go for an arm lock, makes it easier to break the grip, if breaking the grip isn't possible then, use a bicep crush , use the one that you put your wrist bone in between his forearm and bicep, then take the leg towards there torso and put it over the arm you are trying to take and under your opposite knee, then take the opposite and put your foot behind there head and crank away ,also if you dont' want to do that and already have your leg over there back try taking there back,,try it.

figure 4 bicep cutta baby!! :)

also...instead of just pulling his arm to break the grip, twist his wrist away from you (opposit of what you would a motorcycle throttle) as you pull.

lets say you are attacking kimura on your opponents left side...get normal grip with your left arm, now instead of grabbing his wrist with you right hand, make a fist and place your knuckles on the back of the hand he has cliched to his shorts,gi...Pry it and his grip will melt like butter under the pressure, as soon as he lets go, switch back to wrist grip and finish..

I'm not much with the gi but i just like to either do the bump sweep or simply wait until he loosens his grip, even though it's just a bit, you should feel when he loosens up and then EXPLODE his arm away and go into the kimura.

Also if he's trying to put pressure onto the arm you're kimura'ing, you can usually swing the hand that is closer to his head over and go for the guillotine.