kimura = upper body heelhook

OK I grapple little ju-jitsu man and I finish with the leglock. They have more position but i explode from submission and many time finish with heelhook. This is for little ju-jujitsu man.

For big BJJ man I try for leglock by fall back into guard. When big man passes he goes kimura ever time. Kimura is for big jj man what ze heelhook is for me.


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You're THE Sambo man right? Your profile says so.


Somebody set us up da bomb. Kimura translates into a toehold. Heelhook doesn't have an upperbody cousin. Speak da tongue everyone else is.

Heelhook doesn't have an upperbody cousin.

You have to do a catch type wrist lock (top hammerlock?) to compound the wrist as well as the shoulder/elbow pressure.

ex. do a regular keylock. now turn his palm so that it faces backwards (more torque on elbow). now bend his wrist down (wrist pressure).

I clicked onto the link in your profile. What does "First in the world - seventh in Siberia" mean?

kimura = good

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1000 scholars for 1000 years could read that post and still not properly appreciate it's brilliance.

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ok thiz picture i like.. ze is what i do to little bjj man...

which bring it me to ze submissione tip of week
crank it hard..
like we do in russia


I am stunned by the beauty of this topic!

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