Kimura Volume 2 dvd anytime soon?

just got in your kimura dvd yesterday some really good stuff i've never seen or thought possible. i just wish it was more than 30 minutes are you gonna do the next volume of it? im sure you have more tricks up your sleeve :)

We are trying to figure something out for some new DVD's but we need a new company because my guy isn't doing it anymore.

We are trying to figure something out for some new DVD's but we need a new company because my guy isn't doing it anymore

If your talking about Island,thank Paul Viele and Andre for sinking their boat.

Chris,we got alot out of your tapes,good luck.

Hey Chris,ask them (Island) what happen.


Chris is a class act. I think Viele is a piece of work, however, bjjlady seemingly is fixated on WMA and bashes them whenever she/he can. Give me a break, how could Andre have anything to do with Island going belly up.

Anyone know a company willing to do another series?

The guys at BJJtapes have ask Rey,Randy and Rodrigo to come aboard,give them a call,the guys name is Jim Liu.

Chris, what about bjjtapes or kirik (didn't he buy island)?

Don't know

Chris, you have mail.

Get in contact with Roy Harris. He owns and started Boa Productions. I love the way his videos are set up.

Rob Voss


Just wanted to say that I just saw your keylocks and kimura video and I
think it's great! They are some of my favorite submissions and I can't
wait to integrate them into my training. the video was the perfect
length and the techniques had a great flow and logic.

-Bill Easlick

Bill thank you very much. We begin filming the next series next month

Yeah your first set was pimp, can't wait for the new stuff. I think you should do a sweep dvd, an escape dvd, a passing dvd, another key lock dvd, ummm...I can't think of anymore...whatever you do I will totally support it and pick it up. Best of luck to you.

You Have to have your bro again with you...I was cracking up the whole time he was like "you have to get a good bite" I was waiting for you to pimp slap him...Classic...

devon c.

LOL! Classic stuff man. THose are exactly some of the DVD's I will be doing.

Brennan is a

[]D [] []V[] []D


Lol, best of luck to you man, I really want to get out there and train with you sometime! I hope all goes well for you, and I hope we can see you kick some more ass, possibly in UFC?

First you will need to get a good bite...

LOL! I hope the UFC but who knows ;)

I'd personally like to see Chris take on some of these new TUF fighters. ;-)

Chris, just sent you an email with your itinerary for the seminar/filming days.


I loved your kimura dvd , Erik Paulson kimura series is pretty good too. The quailty of your instructional is better though (clairty, picture etc).
I think alot of us here would love to see another kimura series.