Kinda funny how..

You're right, it is an open and shut case. GSP is still the champ, case closed.

whats gsp supposed to do? be like "nah i dont want it."?? Phone Post

Georges got beat.

It just seemed so one sided because the rounds Hendricks won were so much more decisive than those that gsp won, by mma judging there's a case to be made for gsps win Phone Post 3.0

Its because the pros and people close to the sport can comprehend what EFFECTIVE Striking is and value it properly in scoring.

It doesnt matter that GSP landed a few more strikes in certain rounds, they were not as EFFECTIVE as Johnny's. Thats why he should have won. Phone Post

did georges tap? hendricks did.

CapnKindBud - I'm glad that hillbilly got beat. I used to like him but now he talks too much. He should be mad at himself for not KOing or subbing GSP. Phone Post 3.0
Yeah fuck the idiotic judges, and fuck that he clearly beat GSP in every facet of mma outside of a submission attempt. He should blame Solid logic Phone Post

westnilekyle - whats gsp supposed to do? be like "nah i dont want it."?? Phone Post
This. Phone Post

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Al Cappucino - 
westnilekyle - whats gsp supposed to do? be like "nah i dont want it."?? Phone Post
This. Phone Post

Yeah, actually..

After the scorecards were read and Buffer called it for him he shoulda took the mic from Rogan and said:

"I'm sorray to my carnar we train hard for dis fight and I love you guys but dis belt does not belong to me tonite"

hands Hendricks the belt

"Dis belong to you, bring it for a.. a.. the rematch next yer where I will train hardur an win it back. You are rightful champion"

Then he could have gone on to say at the post presser that other shit about his TMI/Z shit and how he needs to take a step back and that regardless of the outcome of the rematch that he would be taking a break. That would actually be perfect and a mixed distraction that would play in his favor, imo.

GSP may not have had any control over that judgement but hes always trying to espouse that pure martial artist shit and he should have acknowledged that Johny was the real winner. I've never been a fan of GSP the fighter but GSP the person was my favorite UFC employee and I am disappoint.

Wow, that was one of the most stupid while trying hard to be funny things ive seen in a while on here. Thats saying something.

shaqitup -

did georges tap? hendricks did.

There are things people say that are just so out there and stupid that when they say it you can just kinda know to ignore anything they say in the subject. This is one of those things. Phone Post 3.0