KineticMuayThai joins Ancona's Gym

I have just returned from New Orleans where I had a great time with Joe Ancona and his fight team. Joe's facility is phenomenal! I really like the dorms, ring, kitchen, whirlpool/sauna, weights and everything. The gym is close to several restaurants, a shopping mall, and grocery store. It is an ideal place to come and train whether you are a local or you want to get away from your local distractions and focus yourself on your training.

I am really looking forward to being a part of a gym that actively promotes and supports the sport. There are fights in the club downstairs from the gym every week plus larger cards in New Orleans every other month. There are also many other promotions throughout the Southeast where the team competes.

I hope to continue what Joe has started in terms of building the gym and the fight team and continue to grow the sport in the Southeast and throughout the country.

Chris Sasek

Please send me info regarding training at the gym and the costs and what not, email: I would love to go out there and train.

for pictures of the facility

Fight Sports Entertainment, the parent company of Ancona's Gym will be hosting an all new Muay Thai kickboxing fighting event in Louisiana called "Champions- A Muay Thai Challenge". The first event will consist or two 4-man tournaments which will be in the welterweight & middleweight divisions and the matchmaker for the event will be Chris Sasek of Kinetic Muay Thai who will also be moving to New Orleans, La. to live and train here with us on May 16th. We will also host several other amateur bouts. Championship Belts will be geiven to the winners of each division in addition to the prize money. We are now accepting applicants for this event which will be held at "The Metro Entertainment Complex" in the city of New Orleans,La. in June. Please contact us at 504-888-6451 or e-mail us at or simply leaves us your e-mail to contact you on this thread!!!