King Charles III

Anyone else seen this?

Mrs. Owl was watching it on PBS and I was half-watching it, expecting it was another BBC historical import. Then I started really enjoying it.

It's set in the near future, after Queen Elizabeth has died, and Prince Charles has ascended to the throne. Problems with Parliament, which insists he (pro-forma) sign a bill restricting the freedom of the press, escalate, along with problems with his sons (Princes William and Harry). Gradually, it becomes a Shakespearian play, as the members of the royal family begin to speak in the meter and vocabulary of Shakespeare's blank verse, speak to the camera in asides like the actors in a play, the ghost of Lady Di appears in the shadows to prophesize the ascent of her sons in rhyme, and the House of Windsor turns on each other, with Kate Middleton playing the role of an scheming, ambitious Lady Macbeth.

Check it out, it's really worthwhile.

As soon as I finish binging The Tudors

I am sick of sequels.

It looked quite interesting but it rather bothered me that the BBC is making this kind of stuff, being the kind of current / near future politics the Beeb needs to stay out of. The Beeb is a kind of a monarchy in itself really, everyone in the UK that wants to watch live TV is forced to fund it even if they strongly disagree with its political angles. Kind of fucked up. Anyway, mini rant over.

ferox - I am sick of sequels.

I recorded it to watch later. Cheers

Akkadian88 - 

Kate Middleton is in it? As in the future queen Kate Middleton?


Yeah. Well, she's a character, Kate herself isn't in it (which would be mega-weird.), Kate schemes for her husband Phillip to declare himself king amidst widespread civil unrest and to seize power from his father. Like I said, very Shakespearian. The acrtress who plays her is hot.


ferox - I am sick of sequels.


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As soon as I finish binging The Tudors

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