King Charles - The servant must clear my desk for me. I can't be expected to move things

Using MS Paint is hard!


The only Whites left will be the ones who declare for their own flesh and blood.
Those affiliated with liberalism or republicuckianism will slowly fade through mixing, childlessness or murder.

That’s actually a good reflection of you… reactionary plagiarism lacking imagination.

You’ve been schooled all week, here’s your end of thread report:

Arithmetic: 3/10.
Remember: X+Y - Z < X+Y-0

Sociological: 1/10
Revise “constitutional monarchy” & definitions of “working class”

Geography: 5/10
Compare and contrast leafy suburban Lincoln with inner city Manchester.

English: 5/10 (is this all your own work?)

Art : 3/10 (A lack of ideas resulting in over reliance on the work of your idols)

Must do your homework and listen more in class!
We must arrange a meeting with your parents to discuss if you can move into the big class, it’s looking like you will have to repeat
If both parents aren’t available, I’m happy to just meet with your mother…

You literally failed at making an MS Paint meme. The kind small children made in the early 00s.

Why are communists always so stupid?


Dude, the “meme” was fucking hilarious and ZERO would have been added to it.

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Nobody on earth ever gave a shit about what the southern hemisphere people think.

Squatdog loses hands down because of his forced, lobotomic “communism” meme.

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I don’t even know what this sentence means. Do you mean you think there are more rich politicians than poor ones? Yeah no one would argue with that statement but it isn’t what anyone was debating.

Bring back teh Beth



The cypher of King Charles III has just been unveiled. Very elegant and befitting.

^ Print it out and KISS IT you Yankee fucks!!!