King Kong Bundy

He was a pretty big star in the WWF for a while.

Did he piss off Vince or is there some reason he didn't last long?

He fueded with Andre The Giant and did main event a Wrestlemania.

I've always wondered what happened to him. I saw him in the south in many regional shows before he went to WWF, but he just seemed to drop off the face of the earth after that.

He was young during his run in WWF

He did some work for pro wrestling Oh in the past couple years.

Believe it or not, he was actually doing stand up comedy a few years back.

I thought he took time off after WM3 to pursue roles in film and television? 

He was in a couple movies. Moving with Richard Pryor leaps to mind. Don't think he really said much in it though.

he was awesome in married with children also. He did a shoot interview awhile ago where he burys alot of people.

 What did he say.

BlackJesus -  What did he say.

heres the preview

 He played himself on Married with Children in one episode.  In another, he was one of Peggy's cousins.

I read somewhere that the writers named the Bundy family after him.

 He came back later and did a program with Undertaker.  Don't think there was bad blood, he just took off after mania 3.

He still wrestlers too, I wouldn't mind seeing him come back.

Ithink it was last summer he was supposed to be in PWO, but he was having foot ankle problems. STill came out and did stuff , but looked to be in no shape to wrestle physically. I imagine his body is laced with the Die-a-bet-es.

Bundy's shoot is probably my favorite. He says he burries, guys, but really he just comes off as completely honest.

Anyway, in the shoot he said he took time off "because it was time to go" so as not to burn his character completely out. He had some job at a computer company, owned a bar out in Jersey. I think he also got a divorce which delayed his comback.

I think that when he came back, the style of work that made him such a good monster heel was on the way out. You watch him versus Lawler or even the Giant, and it looks like an all out slug fest at times, where guys are trying to hurt each other. By the Austin Era, that wasn't as popular any more. But, that's just one idiot's opinion.

he still does indys I'm pretty sure. At least he has very recently.

Bundy was Fritz Von Erich's opponent for Fritz's 1982 retirement match at Texas Stadium.

He also competed in various territories such as the American Wrestling Association, Mid-South Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling and National Wrestling Alliance

On April 24, 2008, he was on a Norwegian TV show called Golden GOAL!

King Kong Bundy is on the cover of Belgian Asociality's 2009 album Kabaal.

-according to Wikipedia