King Mo: Unrivaled?

Did anyone catch this last night? Interesting take into his life both MMA and Wrestling. Phone Post

Do you have a link that would be nifty. Phone Post

i thought it was pretty good..King Mo is going to dominate that tourny..

i thought it was great how all his peers had nothing but great things to say about him

I wasn't gonna watch it, was trying to find something else to watch. There wasn't anything else on. Was pleasantly surprised, it was pretty good.

Gained some respect for mo after watching his story Phone Post

He always seemed like a dick but since watching this I felt like he was very likable Phone Post

Mo is prob the best at 205 outside of Jon Jones. He is a awesome dude all around. UFC made a huge mistake letting him go to Bellator. Phone Post

Actually it was pretty good.

But the part where the guy came in and heckled him seemed obviously staged, but that's Pro Wrasslin' for you.

watching now, DVR'd it