King of Connecticut on Cain Velasquez Drive by Shooting

Season 9 Ok GIF by The Office

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Fuck listening to fat people
His lawyer will plead CTE and he’ll be off and running in no time


Who the fuck is that guy? Definitely not a king around here, and his schtick is disgusting and despicable

The King is a well-known pro wrestler, MMA fighter, author and manager. He has managed Kamal Shalorus, Stephan Bonner, Phil Baroni, Dan Severn and more. He has authored a book with Erik Paulson that he just rereleased. Show some grattitude.

Let’s face it. There is a huge difference between what Cain wanted to do and what he actually did.

You forgot to add he looks like he ate Andrew Dice Clay.

He shot the people responsible regardless. Who was responsible for keepinf his kid safe, these two pos parents of the asshole pedo who lived in the same dwelling as the daycare. Wtf who wouldnt of done the same. I would of maybe opened up on all of them too none of you judging him can say what you would of done or youre heartless scum. Who ultimately was responsible for his sons safety those in the car so i got no problem qith it i just wish he would of killed the scum pedo but for him and hia fams sake im glad he didnt.

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How do you know that? What is your proof?

Probably in the pudding that King of CT ate.

Who the fuck besides the people responsible for protexting his kids. The car had inside the two owners of the daycare. I would assume you would conclude they were responsible for protecting his kid while he paid for them to do just that and they let their live in son molest his 4 yr old over 100 times. Yeah youre right they arent complacent at all.