king of the cage question

I am home and board. King of the cage starts at 8:00 I am thinking if i should order it. Is it worth the $25.00 or should I save the money and just have sex with the girlfriend to pass the time.


thanx for the info. I guess my girl will be pissed.

Hey Chris why is it that other KOTC fighters can fight in WEC and there is no problem but if since I did I guess Terry dosen't want me anymore. I lost one fight to a respectable and Tough Ronald Juhn by decision. I even must comment that after looking at the tape again I didn't kick him in the groin in the 1st round it was a legit kick and I must also comment on the fight that I was given no warning just an immediate 1 point deduction WTF!!! Respectfully subbed, Shonie You know of course you can call a brotha 773-392-???? you know the rest. PS Did you read the article about my training partner Brian Gassaway who wants to fight now? Give him some props!!!

Support the sport by not buying any KOTC events. These guys are as dirty as promoters come and thier tactics should not be given any credence. I USED to attend every show, even sat in the rain alone to watch a show. Screw these guys.

Why do you hate KOTC so much? Why are they so "dirty"?


Ron, you forgot to post your address as well as when you won't be home.

Thanks a bunch!

Hellbilly I managed to do both. Maybe next time. After she has sex with you she will realize how lucky she is to have me... just kidding. good show.

Ron, point well taken. My apologies for the oversight.

Please post the security code for the alarm as well.

Thanks a bunch!

It was a great PPV If you are going to pay $30.00 for UFC to show 5-6 fights, you will like the KOTC $24.95 to see double digit fights. All different ways of victory with several beatdowns.

I say support all PPV shows if you are a true supporter and fan of the sport!

It was a great PPV show.

Well worth the money!

My Wife did the same thing. It is boring to me to watch Oscars! Lord of the Rings 7 awards!

KOTC Several TKO'S Much Better

Krazy Mike

Krazy Mike do you have pics from KOTC I fought Mike Seal if so could you e-mail them to me please thank you Chad Davis

Drop me an e-mail and I will send you the pictures.

You have mail. Hope you like the pictures.

Tell John I said good luck!

Ordered and watched it. Great action.


Was the show OK?? I thought it was going to be terrible.

Worth the money.. unless you are an unemployed or have kids to feed and can't

I just wasnt feeling it though.

TTT for CARTER- he is a Showman!
and Thanks for the kind words, I got the chance
to do some interviews and not given a script going
off the top of your head, It actually came out OKAY.
TTT for KOTC it was a great event~!

Shannon "THE CANNON"

Shannon, You did just fine!

Talk soon bro!

Krazy Mike