King of The Cage:Sinister...Live?

I was looking at the Dish Network on screen guide(dvr receiver)to see when the GFC is on and noticed that on this Fri. is a King of The Cage(Sinister card)show and was wondering if it is live or not and if not was it any good?

I know that most people have written off KOTC but a lot of great fighters got their first break at KOTC events and KOTC used to put on some good shows.

The event is listed at $29.95 which is high if it is not live considering that GFC is $24.95 on Sat. and it is LIVE!

Jeez... KOTC used to be $9.99. I guess that title fight between Aysher and the 1-8 guy must've put em over.

I had a fighter on that card. Not a good night of fights. Wouldn't recommend it. Lots of boring fights. I know Terry (owner) was disappointed with the fights.

I know that most people have written off KOTC


Its a shame too ! Too many TBA disappointments and No shows.

^^^^^Thanks for the answer!

I guess I'll be considering the GFC!

TBA alway's get's a bad rep.........poor guy!

My fighter Shane Rice fought on that card. I saw a couple of entertaining fights. Witherspoon vs Clark was good, Shane's fight was good although only a minute and a few other fights were OK. I would order it if it were not $30!

Hey , I used to drive 4 hrs to go to Soboba. The summer shows were good too. Then the gene pool started to get watered down , then the Rain Came like Noahs Ark and that was it 4 Me.

KOTC was supposed to have a show in Marysville,WA but was cancelled do to poor ticket sales.......the cheap seats were $50.!!!!!!!

Thats a value if the card is good. Cageside is 75$. Not Bad.

^^^^In WA the cageside seats were $150!!!

It's a good show to go see live! $75 dollar seats are good. I would'nt buy the $50 though!

1st 2 rows are $150, 2-10 are $75.General are $40 I think. I've been to some very good shows and disapointing.One thing thats for sure is you'll see a lot of fights about 20 on the card and even more in the cheap seats. There have been some very good fighters that have come out of KOTC.