King of the Ring 9: RESULTS

King of the Ring 9

May 8th 2004

Quick Results

#1-MMA: Phillip Wyman (Yax Brothers) defeated MJ Densberger (American Sombo Academy) by TKO

#2-MMA: Cole Miller (Fighting Arts Academy) defeated Nick Cottone (Team Never Surrender) by submission

#3-MMA: Binky Jones (Ground Control) defeated Russell Elleby (Angels Gym) by submission

#4-MMA: Blake Romano (Hybrid Academy) defeated Michael AcedoMalaney (American Sombo Academy) by decision

#5-MMA: Nick White (Newport News MMA Club) defeated Derek Herrera (Maxercise USNA) by KO

#6-MMA: David Caplain (Hybrid Academy) defeated Aaron Moser (American Sombo Academy) by TKO

#7-MT: John Tissue (Owings Mill Sanshou Club) defeated Chris Castillo (LA Boxing) by TKO

#8-MMA: Luke Gerhardt (Virginia Beach Academy of Martial Arts) defeated Ramon Garcia (Owings Mill Sanshou Club) by submission

#9-MT: Dave Carter (Trident Academy) defeated Leonard Smith (One Spirit Muay Thai) by TKO

#10-MT: Umear Haq (Team MiKiDo) defeated Fielding Carter (LA Boxing) by decision

#11-MMA: Ryan (American Sombo Academy) defeated Rob Banda (Universal Fighting Systems) by TKO

#12-MMA: David Silapath (MOD Gym) defeated Chris Davis (Newport News MMA Club) by submission

#13-MMA: Bruce Densberger (American Sombo Academy) defeated Doug Brummell (Reality Combat Systems) by submission

#14-MMA: Jay Sands (Virginia Beach Academy of Martial Arts) defeated Jason Fan (Hapkido Karate) by referee stoppage

#15-MT: Brooks Miller (One Spirit Muay Thai) defeated Matt Callahan (LA Boxing) by decision for the KOTR supermiddleweight title

#16-MMA: Cole Miller (Academy of Fighting Arts) defeated Blake Romano (Hybrid Academy) by submission for the KOTR 135lb MMA title

#17-MT: Janice Johnson (Team Prodigy) defeated Erin Cantrell (Kelly Leo) by decision for the WKA U.S. welterweight title

#18-MMA: David Caplain (Hybrid Academy) defeated Binky Jones (Team Ground Control) by decision for the KOTR 165lbs MMA title

#19-FC Kickboxing: Nicole Hess (Team MiKiDo) defeated Chrissy Yandolli (AFC Kickboxing) by decision for the WKA U.S. Bantamweight title

cole miller is Team Praxis (formerly AFA)

Oops. I should have footnoted the posted results. These are the "preliminary" results, so some of the info listed above may not be wholly accurate.

I will try to get the official results posted later this week.

Thanks, Sinister! I fought one hell of a tough match! It was both my opponent and I's first time fighting a 5-rounder. I had a blast though and am looking forward to doing it again!

Brooks (Khun Kao)

how did cole beat nick cottone?

Triangle/armbar 36 seconds in the first round.

thats unbelievable, nick is a super tough fighter. does cole have good standup too?

yeah good standup and good ground. also his incredible reach makes his standup tough to deal with.

Nick Cattone and Blake Romano were both very tough ...neither wanted to submit and are by far the toughest ive faced to date and both guys and the people from their gyms were all class acts too -cole