Kingdom Hearts 2

I bought it last night... will start playing tonight.

Say goodbye to my weekend!

Ok, I work for Disney, and this game confuses me. What is it? A role playing game with Mickey Mouse?

Basically yea

Sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound rude if it did.

I just hear a lot of kids talking about it at work, and I'm not familiar with the concept. Basically it sounded like an RPG, but with Disney characters, as well as anime characters.

It's more action than RPG, but it does have RPG elements.

You go through various Disney worlds/stories, teaming up with a hero character in each, and bash the crap out of badguys called "Heartless". Each episode ends with a battle against a major Disney badguy, like Captain Hook, Snow White's Evil Queen, or Oogie Boogie.

Sounds interesting. They have a room at EPCOT with a bunch of PS2's set up for people to play, and the featured game is Kingdom Hearts. Might have to play it one of these days for a bit.

The game started off VERY slow. I'm about 11 hours in and I am enjoying it now though.

It did start off very slow. I'm about 6 hours in. My wife and I flipped when Mickey came in to help us as a playable character. Reminded me of Yoda fighting. lol

Eric, where are you now? I haven't played in 2 days... I'm in the castle.

We're still in Beast's castle. I haven't played any more yet. My wife and I play it together and we haven't had the time. We're definitely going to put in some hours on it this weekend though.

Nice.. I put in a bunch more hours and the game is fun as hell man.

Yeah man we're about 25 hours in. Having a blast. The Pirates world is pretty damn cool.

Yea I like how the boards aren't as long... yet theres still a bunch of shit to do. Level 28 right now

Played it this weekend also. The first 3 hours is so freakin slow.

So true fob. I bet that will turn alot of people off from the game.

Hit level 40 last night and it seems like we still have a ways to go. We're enjoying it, I actually like it better than the first one. The combat is a lot more involved. Very button-mashy, but still a lot of fun.

Nice! I'm at 35 right now. Fighting that army of heartless was badass!

Almost done man, level 50. We're going to finish it up tonight.

Awesome game. That'll probably be the last great one for the PS2.

I'm at the tower on the Tron stage now. Oogie Boogie was such a shithead when he release the wind guys that keep knocking you back.

I havent played in another 2 days.. I'm gonna be sad when I get close to the end