Kings beating Bobcats, Webber out.

I'm not sure why Webber's out, but he isn't playing for whatever reason. Peja's kickin ass with a double double approaching the end of the third quarter.

Peja finished with 30 pts and 12 rebounds. Songaila also had a double double with 17 pts and 11 rebounds. Fuck yeah, but what's up with Webber?

Surprise surprise. lol

"SACRAMENTO, California (Ticker) -- Chris Webber was unavailable due to a knee injury. Luckily for the Sacramento Kings, they did not need him against the expansion Charlotte Bobcats."

WTF is up with the curse giving Floppy a reach around?

My boy Songaila is gonna get major minutes!!!! WOOHOO!!! Him, Peja, and Miller all kicked ass tonight. Today was white boy day for the Kings. heh

You racist

European-American, IMO

lol, this is gonna be awesome, unfortunately I missed the 2 seconds of coverage the Kings got on SC tonight so I don't know how long Webber will be riding the bench for. Hopefully it's a while.

I'm fuckin stoked!! :)

Brian, THIS IS WHY I WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, at this point I just want to see them develop Songaila and hopefully get to enjoy a few months of fun basketball. :)