Kings in New Orleans!!!

Handle bidness foolz!!! Peja!!!! You better not fuckin shoot as shitty as last night or we're gonna have words yo!!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnn Peja just got fucked up. Rogers really hit the crap out of him and the announcers are saying they could hear Peja's arm break from across the court. That was hands down one of the worst things I've seen in basketball.

lol, fuck you.

49-47 Kings at the half. Incredible as it may seem Peja playing with a broken arm and all leads the team with 15 points. :)

Damn, 72-72 after 3 quarters.

Kings down 3 with just over 2 minutes. :(

Webber and Bibby are sucking a fat fucking cock tonight. Shooting like dogshit, but Webber at least has been hitting his free throws.

Peja's killing fools, if they lose this game I'm gonna be quite volatile.

Sonovafucking bitch!!! Down 4 with 1 minute to play.

For some reason they gave it to faggot ass Webber to take the tying shot with 6 seconds left!!! He missed yet again but Evans got the offensive board and kicked it to Bibby for the tying jumper with 2 seconds left in regulation!!!!!

You can do it Kings!!

And we've got overtime!!!!!

Fuckin garbage.

Hahaha. Your team is very gay, Floppy.

Medicine, aren't you a Lakers fan?? lol, no room to talk foolio.

kanatoa, why the fuck not??!!?!?

If you drink, remember to post your symbol so we know :)

I'm too lazy to search for it, I've been drinking throughout this thread though. Stupid fucking gay ass Webber faggot bitch, and fuck the Jets. Pennington looks like a pretty boy version of Sloth.

Damn Floppy your team just lost to a Hornets team that is on target to be the worst team in NBA history. That's a kick in the nuts. On the plus side at least your MVP Chris Webber was able to put up so Kobe like numbers and score 22 points on 22 shots. LoL And you know I scared you about Peja. ;)

That's why I said fuck you!!!! lol, cause I didn't see his name mentioned on the html pbp at the time you said that. lol

ouch :(


lol @ Peja acting concerned.

Nah, it was a scrappy close game. Crazy the way they got it to OT, they just couldn't close the deal. Baron Davis is a badass.