Kings Meeting Their Maker Tonight.


rofl that picture is hilarious

It certainly is. :)

OHHHH..I wish i had my blue name still!!!!!!...MVP is a word Sac will never be able to have!..LOL!

Go on Haters!..Bring it on !..LA will win and u will all drown!


LOL..i got to admit that last one was funny..

LA will stomp on all of u!!!..bitches..LOL

F U !!!..Floppy don't be mad that Sac lost tonight!!..In fact don't tune in to the Western Conference Playoffs..Sac will only let u down again!!



Go on with the Hate!!!..We will still beat your ass in the playoffs!...The championship goes through LA as always!!

"The championship goes through LA as always!!"

Last year?? :)))))

lol, okay, I'll stop for now. :)

LOFL!!!! I can't stop!!! There are too many hilarious pics!!!! :)

hahahaha Oh those pics were fucking good.

lol, I don't think I've ever felt so good on a night where I watched the Kings lose. :)

lol @ the "northerners"