Kings of New York Grappling rules

For the official rules for the "Kings of New York" submission Grappling Tournament, go to


on the home page click the large logo and it will link you right to the rules of competition.  give me your feedback at .  To compete is only $40 for Gi and No-Gi.  not to mention, you can move up a weight class and a skill level at no extra cost.  compete in the open weight Gi tournament or No-Gi tournament for a chance to be named King of New York Champion.  These will be the belts Awarded to open weight Winners: 


This Competition Will Feature the Men's Divisions only

Next Competition We will have a Women's Open Weight Tournament in Gi and No-Gi for the Queens of New York championship.  should be great

Hey Jerry, its ice to see other guys wo can't sleep either!


yeah, i normally go to sleep around 3 - 5 in the morning.  it's the night

TTT....for Submission grappling in NY.......TTT for EdHsu's Amateur MMA events in jersey..... go to for more details.  The Best Amateur MMA in the country.  Yes, you saw it correctly.  Support the Amateur mma movement, folks


I want the date to be June, 18th.  We are still trying to secure the venue.  as soon as we get everything secured i will update you on the address, time of registration, weigh-ins, everthing. 

this event should be great.  It's good for all styles of grappling.  judo, sambo, BJJ, Wrestling....moves like scissors takedowns ARE allowed and will be counted for points.  The rules have been developed to make the matches exciting and highscoring(that's if you don't get submitted).  Competitors who stall will be penalized but not disqualified.  2 pts will be awarded to opponent each additional time after first warnings. 


Also, teams with the most wins at the end of the tourney will recieve a team trophy.