Kings of Summer (Movie)

I found this hidden gem on Amazon last night. Speaking of... can a blue bump my Amazon Video hidden gems thread from awhile back?!


It’s about 3 kids that run away from home and live out in the woods. Pretty funny and like an updated version of Stand by Me. Had some recognizable people like Nick Offernan, Allison Brie and Richard/Dinesh from Silicon Valley.


Give it a watch if you haven’t already so we can talk about this movie!

10er 10ing -

Great flick.  I grew up in Cleveland, and recognized some of the scene locations, including a metroparks golf course I've played a billion times. 









The scene where the girl goes up to the bunk and asks the friend to wake up and hangout was heartbreaking! Felt so bad for the poor friendzoned kid!!!



I wish I had a friend like Biaggio.He’s the man!

I saw this years ago. Great 'coming of age' movie.

I loved this movie.

I'm going to watch this movie. It's better be good better be good......

Great coming of age flick.  


Biaggo is the fucking man.  That scene with the dude from Silicon Valley is hilarious.  “His contempt for the law... I’ve never seen anything like it”. Or something like that.

It was like a coming of age coen brothers comedy to me.