Kings Results

here are the results from the Kings kickboxing show held in Gulfport, MS last night. the venue was really nice and the event sold out. congrats to lee, rob, duke, and all involved for a well run show.


Fields over Mckinney (unanimous decision)

Dixson over Berger (split decision)

Brooks over Sauer (TKO, R2, two knockdown rule)

Barry over Loveless (Knockout, head kick R2)


Dixson over Fields (unanimous decision)

Barry over Berger (Majority decision, Brooks couldn't continue after first fight)

Barry over Mckinney (towel thrown, R2, nobody else was left so Mckinney got another shot, Dixson had a broken nose from the fight with Fields)

MMA fight
Jarrett Becks over Shannon Smith (rear naked, R1)

2 knockdown rule? What is that all about?

its just like K-1 rules. for the quarter and semi finals, there is a 2 knockdown limit per round. this prevents a guy from getting knocked down 7 or 8 times in one night.

ttt has the full story up.