Kings @ Telemundowolves!!!!

Do the Wolves have a contract with Telemundo?? Cause almost every time there's a game on Telemundo it seems to be a Wolves game.


It's because there are so many Mexicans in Minnesota.

lol, you got sarcasm huh?? Seriously though, that's what trips me out about the whole thing.

Brad Miller is fuckin awesome.

Miller and Songaila for co mvp!!!!

kings wont make it outta the first round of the playoffs

kkm all up on my jock. Too bad it was your Mavs who didn't make it out of last years first round. I hope they play again so you can choke on yet another Kings in 5 playoff series.

lol, dude, no fight. He just recently shows up outta nowhere and does nothing but post negative crap on my Kings threads. I think I saw him post on one other thread here and that's how I found out he was a Mavs fan. :)