Kings vs Bucks tonight

Not a meaningful game, but I'm not gonna have shit to do this evening so I'll be doing updates as I get them from I'm sure you're all very excited. :)

It's me vs the chief, GO KINGS!!! haha

Could you also pull double-duty and give us the Ag report for central Kansas (since that's of equal interest)?

LOFL!!!! Sorry, no can do.

11-3, Kings runnin all over them and have 5 assists in the first two minutes of the game.

65-62 Kings lead and Peja's got 15 pts for Sac at the half.

Kukoc is the leading scorer of the game and of the Bucks at half time with 18 pts, followed by Desmond Mason.

Peja leads the Kings with 15 while Divac has 6 pts 7 assists, Bibby has 13 pts and 7 assists, and Christie has 10 pts and 8 assists.

Good shit, and it's a close game so far.


Okay, unfortunately I've gotta go meet up with a human being for a change so I'm not gonna be able to keep doing the updates. I know you're all very upset with that, and I apologize. 72-72 tie game in the third. :)

LOL @ Floppy, exactly why I made that thread :)

The Kings look really good and it makes me so happy that they do without webber

"exactly why I made that thread"

lol, no shit, ya fugger!!

"The Kings look really good and it makes me so happy that they do without webber"

hahah, I know, but he's gonna kick ass once he comes back so you'll have plenty more to hate on soon!!! :)

god damn it!!!!

the bucks almost won the preview of this years finals.

What a game...