Kings @ Warriors

Will Sacramento be able to overcome yesterday's home loss to Dallas, or will GS prove that they are the real deal?? :)

Kings are down 42-38 with 7 minutes to play in the 1st half.

Golden State is somewhat of a scary team.

I definitely agree with that. 56-55 Warriors at the half.

Go Warriors! Make the Lakers' loss less embarrassing! :-)

FUCK THAT, damnit!! lol

FUCK!!! 84-73 Warriors end of the third. :(



WTF are you laughing at?!!?! We are now on a two game losing streak just like your sorry ass Lakers. :)

What's that sound???? Ohhhhh it's just Bibby choking at the free throw line. ;)

quick, details please.

Thanks, fucko. :)

Floppy, I was just reading the game highlights and it was talking about how the 90 something percent free throw shooter, Bibby, missed two crucial ones with 51 seconds to go. Being a Spurs fan for the last few seasons though allows me to sympathize.

Ack, I read that today too, and Peja missed a wide open jumper after that. :(