Kings win in Houston!!!!!

Just one night after a tough loss against the Spurs!!!! WOW!!!! Way to bounce back guys!!!

Webber was spectacular again.

Brian has lost his mind, and apparently Jones has too.

Again??? lol ;)

Either way that shit was awesome.

And I am correct, you doucheburglars.

STFU beyach@!@@


The sad thing is that this thread would have at least twice as many posts if the Kings had lost that game. Fuckin haters. lol

Floppy, you guys are the new Lakers, minus being good of course. ;) And Peja sounds pretty f-ed up. I warned the dude about bending over when a greel soldier is arounf, but would he listen nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo.

"you guys are the new Lakers"

Huh?? Oh, and....slaps quick for Laker comparison

lol @ the Greek soldier comment!!

lol @ my freaking spelling. I guess it's time to put down the beer. LoL at THIS post before I went back and edited it.

"Huh?? Oh, and....slaps quick for Laker comparison"

What is this a girl fight? pulls Floppy's hair ;)

*trims pubes and watches quick fall on (his?) ass.

AHHHHHH You god damn romo. ;)

lol, ALL HAIL THE GREEK ARMY!!!!!!!!!!

LoL Peja warned me, but I didn't listen.

"but I didn't listen."

That sounds like a Kobe quote regarding his teammates screaming for him to pass them the ball, or him responding to a womans request for him not to poke her in the pooper. :)

Who forced the overtime?

Who had 30 points?

Who stole the ball in the closing seconds to close out the victory?


LOL!!!!! You can be such an asshole sometimes!!! heh, I loved it when he (player will go un named) eavesdropped on their last play.