Kings win Lakers lose!!!!

There will be a whole lotta nights like this. :)

F u Floppy!!!!..keep Laughing in the end we will beat u!!

L O L ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!

lol, that does nothing for me. :)

Oh it will!!..don't u worry!!

shut your cakehole you beeeeeatch!

25 dolla make me holla!!!!!!! :)

Would you prefer cash or a money order?

Nah, that's just crazy talk! We'll beat you cracka ass crackas tonight and coem the end of the season that currency shall be mine!!

lol, we shall see.

Denver, Minn, SA, are all better teams.


Minnesota and San Antonio are. Denver ain't going nowhere with that wannabe Pippen leading them.

Scottie F'n Pippen is playin for
the Nugs? lol

Nah, I was just making fun of Carmello.

But how old is that basitd now? I remember cursing his ass 13 years ago and he was old then.

lol, dunno, he retired last year.