Kings Wolves game 6 was awesome!!!

Straight up. :) KG getting punked two times, Peeler's beautiful reaction time, Kings playing defense, everyone on the team shooting and playing well. Man, it was a very cool game for me to watch. Wolves fucked themselves by missing a good amount of open looks here and there. Aside from me drinking too much yesterday it was an awesome Sunday.

How do you figure KG got punked? Peeler's the one that got himself ejected.

Yeah, and he got to blast a much larger man with not one but TWO very VERY nice shots!!!! One of which dropped KG, and the other that had KG sitting on the bench icing his jaw on national tv. LOL, add that together with Peeler's team still winning and I'm sure KG isn't too happy with how he looked on tv yesterday. lol, it was wonderful. :)

LOL!!!!! What did Miller do?? I must have missed it.

"I thought Miller stuck his hand in Garnett's face like he was kneading some dough, and then smiled mischievously as if it was funny?"

lol, cause it WAS funny!!!!! And honestly, KG did kinda put his face into Miller's hand. :)

Deeder, I know this isn't the one you're talking about but it's the best similarity I could find. :)



Sac should never get KG to fired up. He's going home and might have a big game. Sac might be the new bad boys of the NBA. Hope they try that shit against the Lakers if they get there. Don't think Shaq and Karl will put up with that crap!! lol

Buford is the man, at least for that 4th qtr anyway