That is a must see.

Quite interesting, a magazine in Brazil was making paralels between that times of censorship and now, the Bush-fundies era.

Raised in a repressed family dominated by a stern father, Kinsey is portrayed as an isolated teen who rebels against not only his father, but against sexual convention. As a science instructor in college, he meets a student who becomes his wife. As other students look more and more to him for sexual advice, his original interest in insect studies changes to sex adviser and ultimately sex researcher. His team of assistants and even their wives become involved in the research. As Kinsey's study requires sample interviews across the country, a diverse, amazing discovery of sexual habits and statistics are revealed. The study ultimately becomes published in a groundbreaking best seller amid a swell of damnation from the public.

Promoting Kinsey, Censoring Grandma

Kinsey's Hidden Child Abuse (sorry, this one is not all online)

As to Bush, he is alot of things, but not a fundamentalist. Heck, he says Christians and Muslims worhsiph the same God; he prays at Shinto shrines; and he belongs to secret societies with occultic ties (Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove). The fact that quite a few fundamentalist show that they have been duped.


That new american is fool of prejudice... and knows nothing about history...

People who try to prohibit sexuality are in fact seeking to prohibit all the human creativity and freedom.

That´s all about mass control.

So you support that Kinsey abetted paedophiles?


That Kinsey was a pedophile is yet to be proven.

The site you linked is completely biased against him.

That Kinsey worked to normalize abhorrent sexual practices, including paedophelia, is a commonly held opinion. Its also one backed by the facts. I just pulled three quick links that take the same position. I could have easily pulled dozens.

I also want to repost gusto's questions, which are quite pertinent.

so you dont support pedophiles, or you do?
prohibiting pedophilia is prohibiting sexuality, yes or no?

  • Kolbe hears nothing but crickets... *

Dory and gusto, you like to distort other people´s words. That´s sad.

You are accusing me of being on favor of sexual abnormalities. What kind of person do you think I am, so you make such ridiculous and ultrageous question?

Research on the human sexuality, under the scientific approach, is the great merit of Kinsey.

If you cannot accept it, it is a sexual problem of yours.


Im not accusing you of supporting paedophiles. Im asking if you do.

If you dont support paedophiles, will you condemn Kinsey for his abetting paedophiles? Im not even asking you to condemn all of his work, though Im not sure that would be a tragedy either.

Kinsey was a pervert who hid his deviancies under the guise of "science".

Sexual freedom is found in relationships guided by monogomy, love, emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy, fidelity, discipline, respect etc.

That is why God provided and sanctioned "marriage" between a man and woman as a means to find fulfillment, freedom and of course, the propagation of the race. It's also the preferred union for protecting children.


rooster wasn't saying marriage was a Christian idea.....the Truth was put on every person's heart since the very beginning.....old cultures had marriage because God has always wanted it that way.....over history marriage has been refining itself into what we know today....

blud: How on earth did god provide marriage if the union of marriage existed before the religion you say is the only way to god?

me: sigh, you keep viewing Christianity as beginning 2000 years ago. Christianity is just the "blooming" of Judaism (Davidic, Mosaic, Abrahamic) which was a covenantal relationship that was built on the foundation of the patriarchs where were the sons of Adam. I said all that to say that Adam and Eve model the first "marriage". A covenant relationship put together by God with specific requirements and promises.

blud: Did god give marriage to the religions of the greeks? or the egyptians? how about the etruscans?

me: no, they copied (and distorted) what their ancients received from those who followed and modeled God's law through early semitic monotheism.

blud: If god did give marriage to these other religions then wouldn't that be god blessing that "other religion" thereby legitmizing it as valid?

me: no. Many cultures copy and distort what they see working in believers life. Like Cain having a form of religion yet distorting it. He copied his dad and abel (providing a sacrifice) yet distorted it (by not providing a blood sacrifice).

blud: If at the time that christianity began to marry people it had been established for what a marriage was and whats its parameters were. So essentially the christians were using the existing union of marriage between a man and a woman as the model.

me: dude, Christianity is built on the foundation of the Law and Prophets. W/out the OT which goes back to the beginning, there is no Christianity.

Adding more people to my ignore list.

closing your eyes doesn't change truth...

Donna, you shouldn't be adding people to your ignore list just because they ask you if you support pedophelia!!!!

I'm going to assume the best, and that you do not, but at least let everyone know, instead of leaving any doubt in the air.

amen brother kolbe!

"i just wanted to point out that prohibiting pedophilia is prohibiting "sexuality"

Next time write it in a better way, because the way you did it really offended me.

Besides, the extreme prohibition of sexuality IS what leads to perversions.

Donna, do you believe prohibiting pedophilia is in itself a prohibition on sexual freedom?

Donna, you seem to be easily offended...

Bludhall, I am asking Donna to clarify her position with respect to this. She seems to be avoiding the question, which really has me scratching my head.