Kirik Jr: A Testimony

This guy is the coolest cat on the OG. First off his name is hilarious and that itself always cracks me up. KJ is always in a great mood, treats everyone with respect as a friend, and is as comfortable busting jokes as having serious discussion.

Hes a great father and in great shape. KJ is JACKED! He also takes shitty dumps and turns them into beautifil houses. Hes in the business if making the world a better place, the forum a better place, and all those who encounter him better people.

@Kirik_Jr , my hats off to you, you are truly one of a kind.




Didn’t know he was jacked but more respek. He invited me over to watch Dustin’s vs McCregor and he had no idea who I was just that I was in Indiana. And wondering where the ufc may be viewed.

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He also has nice shoes.

Thats the kind of guy KJ is. A friend to all. A lot of basement dwelling trolls on here that harass him would be scared to show their face in public, KJ on the other hand is the real deal.

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lol i cant speak to that but i bet he does he stylish footwear too.

He used to be my punk before he started acting up and forgot his place.

Are you that one weird gay dude?

I’m pretty sure he is that totally weird gay dude.

No Im the tough writer whos dominant over betas.

Get outa here gayboy.

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U gonna be my new punk? I need a new one after KJ started talking back and acting wise. Only have a few punks on here now. KJ was like u when we first started out. Talkin tough, talkin back, but he got in line REAL fast and I owned that punk. Every post I made, he worshiped. That will be you! Its just a matter of how long you take to break in. Hahahaha IM THE MAN! Let’s hear it fellas, ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fel-low!’ Everybody now, upload a quick video of you singing it.


Thats a mistake.

The biggest mistake Ive seen in quite some time. ANybody else want to be my new punk? Its not a bad life. Not as good as being a dominant alpha male such as myself but in time, youll be given freedoms and permissions to speak your mind now and then and pursue goals, etc. Will take quite a long while of exceptional service before we get there however. As well as lots and lots of discipline.

Lmao thanks cheddar man! I really appreciate these kind words!

I have been a little cranky on the og lately but I’m going to turn things around and get back to just being a JACKED friendly oaf!

As far as angerousdoug goes… Well I befriended him because he’s a weird gay guy and seems like a friendless loser. I thought maybe some kindness would do him well. But then he turned on me and made fun of my son’s illness because he was too big of a faggot crybaby to take a little joke. So now I don’t like him anymore.


I had forgotten about that! Lol

I was serious about it though. Glad I made an impression on ya. You seem like a great guy to me, so of course I would’ve helped ya out!

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Lol so its my fault youre extremely submissive towards other men you see this as ‘making friends’? I didnt want to bring up anything about your son, I told you I wasnt going to go there and youre the one who wanted to continue that subject of discussion. You were a good punk, boy, the most naturally submissive punk ive ever met. Betas tend to take more time to be broken in but you got the hang of it right away. Ill be happy to take you back, boy, after this little immature tempter tantrum of yours is over. However, there will have to be some punishment of course but at least well be back on track.

Let me know when youre ready to apologize and well go from there. There will be a severe penance involved but it will be fun when the suffering is done.

I put doug on ignore. So I’ll never have to hear from that admitted homosexual again!

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