Kirik Jr: A Testimony

gay GIF


Youll be back.

Gay as fuck in here.

I’m in.

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KJ is pretty cool

He said one day I can come over to his place an go frog gigging, then a hootananny after…I’m in

Yes, one of his favorite activities is inviting strangers from the internet over to his house. Me thinks he’s on the wrong app.

I’d hang out with you any day! We could do all sorts of redneck stuff!

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Sounds gay

Nothing gay about it. Its just two men, horsing around role playing.

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It’s TRUE hes gay. Hes admitted to playing with other mens peckers!

But we’re here to appreciate the OGs finest today FF!

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Its all good. FF is actually now in the application process to be my new punk so you’re being replaced. I had to start an application process now because of you to weed out certain betas with undesirable qualities. I have to up my standards, so to speak. Cheers.

Im Jealous Listen To Your Heart GIF by The Bachelor

Man, this DD character is a real shine hound

No need to be jealous. I have room for a few more punks. Ill send you the application.

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It’s a cute shtick (a little dated) but I’m just not sure it’s catchy.

I take it youre interested otherwise you wouldnt comment. If youre serious about this, get back to me addressing me properly as sir and admit your failure as a male and ask if you can be in my service and ill consider your application and get back to you within 7 business days.

I cosign on the awesomeness that is kirik jr

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I take that as a compliment as he was my property not long ago. I trained him well. You’re welcome.

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Aw shux. Well thank you BBH! Another one of my fave OGers! Very funny guy, and fun to talk to about the fight game!

I appreciate you sir!

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This is just KJ talking to himself with one of his alts


I don’t believe KJ is talented or dumb enough to go full retard. This other recycled character seems just out of his range.

You don’t think kj is dumb enough to be retsrded? Ha jokes on you then.

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