Kirik Jr And I Are A Tag Team Duo And JJitsu Is Our Manager

And we’re the OG tag team men’s AND women’s champions.

Deal with it.

@Kirik_Jr @JJitsu isn’t that right boys!?

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Just when i thought this three way circle jerk couldn’t get any gayer…

OP needs better friends.

And no way jjitsu would ever associate with the King of Flyover Land, Kirik_Jr.

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Would never associate with me… but talks to me and is friendly to me like 3 days per week on his podcast :rofl:

Youre a bad liar. Shut up.

We gotta get jj a loaded tennis racket!

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Get Hyped Lets Go GIF by United Wrestling Network

Who are those three? Cotton is the big one, isn’t he?

We’d wreck those guys!

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If you wanna tag me… I’ll give you a good couple of minutes of sweat and fun… but I get tired easy… so you’ll have to take back control…
I’m lonely

Dadicus is always solid gold with his hilarious posts :rofl:

The three Fagitos


And Id beat the fuck out of all the above in a handicap match.