Kirik_Jr.......Total Goober

@Kirik_Jr @theraskal @Cheddar_Man
Keep my legendary name out of your @'s , you damn turbo billy.


lol or what you’ll get a crazy rich white guy to hunt me down?

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Why don’t you fags stop making threads about each other and just get down to fucking already.

It’s shit or get off the lot time.

Jake Gyllenhaal Love GIF


love that movie!


Sorry there lickety split…
Important big dawgs are barking. Get back in your litter box

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Probably didnt have black actors in it then


What If No GIF by Film Riot

I dont get it. Care to explain?

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Well that aint right! Tired of you speaking in riddles boy. Say what ya mean or SHUT UP JERK!

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lol Moonlight is one of my favorite movies too haha.

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Every since spliffin failed miserably at pretending to be big cheddar on that podcast last week, hes been real grumpy.

Im almost ashamed i went along with it and talked cheddar man into saying it was him lol

As a long time friend of Forrest Spliffn and regular contributer to this forum, I just want to point out that it is YOU who is da jerk.


I said “spliffy, they going to notice that you leave when “cheddar” calls in, then magically show back up as soon as he leaves”


lol they really thought spliffy was me?

I heard it too. Who knows what to believe


You really think Cheddar Man has a slow monotone somber voice lol? Spliffy sounds likes hes on tranquilizers.

Im pretty sure cheddar sounds exactly like kirik jr pretending to be a diaz brother at low volume.

Thats just my random, totally un bias take on the situation.

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Nice try hillbilly no one is gonna think you’re alter ego CheeseBoy is me, its obviously you focusing on sounding less like a hick.

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I don’t speak to Alts.
I want to talk to Jinx