I know its not exactly MMA related, but since Kirik does spend some time looking at these threads, I hope to get his attention.

I recently received an "invite" from 'Kirik' on however, his profile seems to be set-up by some hater as its quite insulting to Kirik (wouldn't this be slander/libel or whatever terminology is used in america?). I assume its by somebody from fightsport who really hates Kirik (maybe demoness? she's been on a tirade over there)

Either way what is being done isn't cool and is quite juvenile.

The "profile" can be seen at:

She probably did. She already has a thread up about it on fs

Parts of that are pretty funny, but the doctored image you would have to be ill, mentally, to think is okay.


nice. I was even mentioned.

"leave this crap at FS."

I received an invitation from "Kirik" at Only later did I see that Demoness has a thread up about it at fs. SO this isn't fs 'crap'.

damn Kirik has a thick skin.

I believe his "life partner" is also on MySpace :

I received the an invite from the person as well, when I read the profile I knew it wasn't Kirik.

Did she finally get banned? If not, why not?

That's really mean. :( shame on that person!!

haha i added "kirik". now i have to go look and delete it. =[

Kirik- After all this time I find out your does your girlfriend know yet.....HAAHAHA that is pretty funny can she make me one two?


MrZipplokk - troll? LMAO. Damn, you fs guys have lost your touch. Is it that unreasonable to think Kirik would join myspace? At first I saw the invite, then looked at the profile. doesn't take a genius to figure out it wasn't him. Didn't know if Kirik knew about it, so made the thread to bring his awareness to it. Fortunately he has very thick skin.

No kindly go scurry off back to fs and leave this place to the superior intellects such as meself and other ug members.