Kirik you might want to see this!!!

Arianny is PISSED!!
don't know if it's at you or cagepotato but she just tweeted.

Thanks to a lame mma site 4 ruining it for my fans. Prepare for a cease and desist letter from @ufc @playboy and my attorney. What a shame.
ÜberTwitter • 08/10/2010 19:45

bye bye cagepotato =(

How is it ruined for her fans?

and lmao @ what a shame

 Oh chit....

Just read her other tweets and I think it's at cagepotato but I'd still take it down just in case, my last contract has ended and this place gets me through long boring days ....... DONT GET CLOSED DOWN! lol Phone Post

right click - save.

Here's the white knight who alerted arianny to this horrible travesty.

She has the right to be pissed imo

She's joking, right?

Or did she think her Playboy pics wouldn't end up on the internet?

CyborgRoyce - She has the right to be pissed imo

How dare you talk sense on the UG! BAN!

 Seriously, how could she NOT expect the pics to end up on the intertubeweb?  Is she really that stupid?

Banter -  snitches get stiches Phone Post


Bish says:.....
Thanks guys! Its coming down..sorry I'm kinda upset..about to take it out on my punching bag..haha have a good day!
ÜberTwitter • 08/10/2010 19:57 Phone Post

FrateTrane_MaimedShane - How is it ruined for her fans?

and lmao @ what a shame

 She posed for Playboy. That's good for the sport. Hopefully this will help sell even more copies of the mag so she can make some dough and maybe further her career. 

Sub'd Phone Post

Looks like a faggit who would have no interest in playboy pics.

He's got a pretty mouth

 so you think I should just pull our story?

 Ruined it for me. My dick went limp and will never rise to Arianny's nakedness again. Thanks for nothing Cage Potato. Internet piracy is such a turn off.

Now we've all saved them I'd take them down ....... Just in case Phone Post