Kirk Johnson Vs Vitali Klitschko

Does anyone else think Kirk is going to beat Vitali easily?

When is this?

Oleg had no chin and got caught with Kirk's best punch. Saverese is a joke. He was destroyed quickly by Tyson.

Vitali will handle Kirk.

I'm not impressed with either guy. Klitschko couldn't put away a fat, aging Lewis and has trouble with hand-picked bums in Germany.

Johnson isn't a world beater, but if he were motivated, he would handle Vitali. Don't know if he cares.

He has put away the fat agin Lewis? Nobody really.

Vitali was handing Lewis his ass by outsmarting him and if it wasn't for that biased ref....

i'll have to go with johnson...although i am a bit nervous about his weight.

I'll pick Vitali. 12lbs is a lot of weight to pack
on. The effects on your timing and handspeed are

where can i see news on the weigh ins?

After watching him against Ruiz and also getting decked I can't see him beating Klitschko. Lewis was out of shape but he is still a top 15 hvy of all time. If Johnson fights like he did against Oleg he will lose. He was losing that fight when he threw a homerun punch to win the fight.